Working Together to Save Lives

Oklahoma’s Premier Healthcare Network

Connecting Healthcare Organizations for Improved Outcomes

Who is Lifecare?
LifeCare Health Services, LLC and Lifecare Value Network LLC were organized to benefit the hospitals and health systems that own them.

What We Do
We create opportunities for hospitals and physicians to work together to create shared services and cost savings.


Why LifeCare?

  • Innovative approach to collaboration

  • Achieve the "Triple-Aim" together

  • Benefits of system-thinking while fostering independence

Our Services

Managed Care Consulting, Accreditation Services, Benefits Consulting, Shared Benefits Administrator, Lifecare Value Network

Services Under Development

Care Coordination Center, Shared IT Resources, Operational Benchmarking

Why Join Our Team?

LifeCare welcomes independent hospitals and physician groups who want to collaborate to join our team. We offer both affiliate and associate memberships in LifeCare. Become a part of our network to:

  • Participate in population health improvement

  • Work together on shared services and cost savings initiatives

Our Mission

  • Create a system of integrated, locally-based healthcare organizations

  • Bring together organizations that are committed to collaborate and coordinate the delivery of health services

  • Deliver the following benefits:

  • Improve health outcomes

  • Maximize efficiency of care delivery

  • Reduce overall costs

  • Improve access


Meet the Hospitals

Nine institutions across Oklahoma are the owners of The LifeCare Companies.